We invest and partner with businesses that are leaders, pioneers and innovators in their respective industries, with a sustainable roadmap to greater heights.


We invest and partner with businesses that are leaders, pioneers and innovators in their respective industries, with a sustainable roadmap to greater heights.


At all levels, our employees strive to live by the Group’s Values, and to make a positive impact in our engagements with the industry, our customers, our partners and the communities we touch. Here are their stories.


Gratitude is not just thinking about how thankful we are; it’s about living out that gratitude-the actions we take each day. It requires us to remain alert of the roles of others in our lives, make sense of our lives and learn to credit others with appreciation.

Mr Kuok Khoon Ean
Chairman, Kuok (Singapore) Limited

Compassion enables us to understand someone else’s situation and desire to improve their lives. To be compassionate, we need to lead from within ourselves, have genuine concern for others and be outward focused to inspire through encouragement and empowerment.

Mdm Kay Kuok
Director, Kuok (Singapore) Limited and Chairman, Allgreen Properties Limited

I believe our level of success is determined by our level of effort and motivation. If we put in 50% of the effort, we should only expect 50% of the results. We should not lower our targets simply because it is easier to achieve. Instead, we should reframe our challenges and inspire the team to pull hard in the same direction.

Mr Tan Thai Yong
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, PaxOcean Group

It was very rightly said that compassion comes from within, and it is not something that you can fake. Work done with true compassion brings joy and happiness to both sides. You never know how deeply you may have touched someone else’s life or the positive impact thereafter.

Mr Priyadarshan Pandey
General Manager, POSH Group

To achieve unity from diversity, it is important to seek common ground from different views, prioritise what truly matters and ‘let go’ of little things to achieve better outcomes, as the Chinese proverb goes: “求同存异,抓大放小”.

Mr Hong Hua Liang
Senior General Manager, Allgreen Group

Integrity is about doing the right thing at all times.

Ms Melissa Kee
Chief Human Resources and Corporate Communications Officer,
Kuok (Singapore) Limited

The adage “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together” rings true not only in the work we do but also in life in general. Unity and teamwork get us to where we may not be able to get to on our own.

Mr Daryl Choong
Senior Manager, Group Treasury

Unity means everyone in the team has a voice at the table. We embrace the robust debates and differing views because this is our secret sauce to get to the optimal solution.

Ms Yeo Hwei Yen
General Manager, Group Tax

Unity is when a team comes together with the same objective to push towards a common goal to succeed. Unity is created when people care about their teammates.

Mr Ciaran McLoughlin
Operations Manager, K2 Group

In the service industry, we show “Gratitude" by delivering the best outcomes to our client in response for their trust. Within our group, regardless of which position you are in, we need to remember that it is a collective effort in making the former possible.

Mr Chaw Mun San
Senior Manager, PCL Group

We are courageous in facing our toughest challenges and embracing the need for change in order to thrive in a continually disrupted world. Our core value of “Effort” signifies resilience and agility in our workforce which are critical to our long-term success.

Ms Yong Hsin Yue
Managing Director, Kuok (Singapore) Limited



We care and look after the well-being of our people and the community. We are privileged to have the means to support worthy causes, create opportunities and improve the lives of others, and we do these together, with a strong sense of social responsibility and obligation. These sentiments are very much rooted in our Group’s core values of Gratitude, Compassion, Integrity, Effort and Unity.

KSL remains passionate in seeking new ways and opportunities in how we can help address the issues and challenges faced by the world, local communities and the less fortunate in society.
Sharing meals with the needy

Allgreen Properties Ltd distributed freshly packed meals to needy families under the care of Willing Hearts. Willing Hearts is wholly run by volunteers, apart from a handful of staff. It operates a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes about 6,500 daily meals to over 40 locations across Singapore, 365 days a year. Beneficiaries include […]

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Giving care packs to foreign workers

PaxOcean gives care packs to foreign workers from various countries. One of KSL values is compassion and for us to care and look after the safety and wellbeing of our staff and the community. This is aligned with SG Cares, a national movement in Singapore dedicated to guide and support the goodwill of all who […]

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Spreading hygiene in the face of Covid-19

KSL volunteers dispense hand sanitizers to over 3,000 households in Singapore. KSL participated in the “Bring Your Own Bottle” #BYOBclean initiative, led by Temasek Foundation earlier this year. This is part of the country’s “Stay Prepared” drive with the objective of preparing communities in Singapore for emergencies like major accidents, natural disasters, pandemics, severe haze […]

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Appreciating our amazing healthcare heroes

Showing our gratitude to healthcare professionals during these unprecedented, challenging times. We see an outpouring of appreciation and goodwill for healthcare professionals on the front lines against COVID-19. For putting the health of others above all else; for providing care and compassion in these unprecedented times and; for being a light in the face of […]

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